DC Fire Captain Accused of Stealing From Home While Fighting Two-Alarm Fire

The stolen book was identified by police as a look at the graphic design of mid-century airlines

A D.C. Fire and EMS captain allegedly stole from a home in Northwest Washington Monday evening during a two-alarm fire, police said.

The fire department responded to a report of a fire in the 3000 block of Gates Road NW about 7:15 p.m.

About 10:40 p.m., a fire investigator told a police officer at the scene a firefighter took a book from inside the home, hid it in a black jacket and took it to a fire engine, D.C. Police said.

Capt. Alan Noznesky was placed on leave after he was arrested, D.C. Fire spokesman Tim Wilson confirmed.

Noznesky is charged with second-degree theft, police said.

The fire department had no comment on the case. It was not immediately clear if Noznesky had an attorney.

He denied the accusation in an interview with the Washington Post, saying he was trying to move the book to a safe location: "Why the police charged, I have no idea whatsoever. I thought I was doing the right thing."

The book, identified by police as “Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975” by M.C. Huhne, is a source book for airline graphic design from the “golden age of flying.” It sells for about $270 on Amazon.com.

No one was inside the home, which was under renovation, when the fire started. There's no word on how much damage the fire caused.

One firefighter was evaluated at the scene but not taken in for treatment.

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