Federal Government Least Popular Sector of Economy

These days, a trip to the dentist is more popular than the federal government.

In a recent Gallup publication, the polling company asked American citizens how they felt about different business sectors of the economy.

At the bottom of the list, right under the health care and the oil and gas industries, was the federal government.

Gallup says the public's view of the federal government is at a historical low.

The deterioration in Americans' views of the federal government began in 2004 -- correlated with a downturn in President George W. Bush's job approval rating and rising concerns about the Iraq war and the economy. Views turned slightly more positive in 2009 during Barack Obama's first year as president, but dropped back down last year and again this year, likely reflecting rising concerns over the economy as well as the increase in government spending and power.

In mid-August, another Gallup poll showed respondents gave Congress a historically low approval rating, with only 13 percent saying they thought lawmakers were doing a good job.

When asked about other sectors of the economy, 72 percent felt positive about the computer industry, the most popular in the poll.  Next highest on the list was the restaurant industry, with 61 percent feeling positive.

Hovering close to the bottom of the list was the legal field, which Gallup says has always been unpopular in its polling.

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