Fairfax Red-Light Cameras Return

Red light violators, beware: Cameras again are watching over Fairfax roads.

The cameras are positioned at two of the city's busiest intersections: on North Street at University Drive and on Fairfax Boulevard at Fairfax Circle.

Alexandria also began the first phase of a red-light camera program Friday. They are located at South Patrick and Franklin streets; South Patrick and Gibbon streets; and Duke and South Walker streets. There will be no fines during a 30-day warning period. Each violation will be reviewed by Alexandria police before a ticket is issued.

Fairfax had been using red light cameras as part of a Virginia pilot program but packed them up when the program finished in 2005.

"We did see a reduction in traffic accidents as well as red light violations," Sgt. Dan Grimm of the Fairfax Police told WTOP.

Multiple cameras will be posted at both intersections, the city said in a release, and at least two officers will review the video evidence before issuing a citation.

Violations will cost $50, and can be paid online or challenged in court.  Fairfax says along with the citation, they will provide a pin number which allows drivers to view two still photos and 12-second video that documents violations.

The violations will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.  If drivers believe they were not behind the wheel at the time of the citation, they can present a signed affidavit in appeal.

The General Assembly green lighted a renewal of the camera program in 2007.  Police will just be mailing warnings in July, but starting August, fines will be issued.

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