Fairfax Man Runs Robbery Sting


A Fairfax man helped make his own justice after he said his car was broken into and his G.P.S. stolen.

Chris Moore said on Friday, he got an angry message from his wife, Susan, who accused him of ransacking the car and removing the G.P.S.  "When I told her I hadn't done that," Moore said, "she said, 'then we've been robbed.'"

The family filed a police report, but they did not let the issue drop.  Moore combed Craigslist in search of an ad selling the same model Garmin G.P.S. that he had lost.  Sure enough, after several hours of checking in, one popped up.  The seller wrote he was in Alexandria and wanted $100 for a "quick pick up."

Moore arranged to meet the seller at the Krispy Kreme on Richmond Highway in Alexandria.  He also hatched a plan with his wife to call the police if the G.P.S. turned out to be the one he had reported stolen.  Chris Moore said if he called his wife and asked for Steve, she was to call 911.

At the Krispy Kreme, he met the seller and took a look at the G.P.S.  Scanning through the list of favorites, he found the saved addresses for his home, his barber, and his children's dentist.  He called his wife, used the secret code, and then stalled for time while waiting for authorities to arrive.

After talking with the seller for ten minutes, Moore said he told the seller of the G.P.S., "you're ride's here bro."  That's when police arrived, and they took the man away in handcuffs.

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