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DC Extends Deadline for Parking Ticket ‘Amnesty' Program

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If you have an unpaid D.C. parking ticket or speeding ticket, you may get more time to pay it off. 

D.C. extended the deadline of its Ticket Amnesty Program, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Monday. Drivers with unpaid tickets now have until Dec. 31 to pay up without some risks of the situation escalating. The prior deadline was this Thursday, Sept. 30. 

D.C. and non-D.C. drivers with tickets issued before Dec. 31, 2021 for parking, minor moving violations and photo enforcement for speed, red lights and stop signs are eligible. Violators will still have to pay the cost of the ticket, but the cost won’t increase because payment is late. 

The program is intended to help people get on their feet as financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue. 

“As the District continues to recover from the pandemic, we know this is a program that is helping residents – many who have had to make difficult financial decisions – get a fresh start and get back on track,” Bowser said in a statement. 

Since the program launched in June, D.C. has settled $44 million in tickets for 32,000 drivers. 

If you’re still having trouble paying, reach out to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Central Collection Unit for hardship options, the mayor’s office said. 

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