Morning Read: D.C. Council Wants the Redskins Back in Washington

Just a day after the Redskins lost their first home playoff game in 13 years, the D.C. Council announced that it still wants to bring the football team back to the District.

At his monthly press conference Monday, Chairman Phil Mendelson said the council “would like to see all professional teams that have the name Washington in their name play in the District of Columbia,” according to the Washington Post.

The Redskins left D.C. in the nineties and moved to FedEx Field in Prince George’s County where—the councilmembers like to point out—they have had less than stellar results.

The nation’s capital has been trying to get the team back over the years with little success. Last year, the District even tried to convince the team to move their training camp in city limits in 2013, but the Redskins ultimately chose Richmond instead.

But the likelihood that the Redskins make the move to D.C. anytime soon isn’t very good. The team has a lease at FedEx Field that runs through 2026 and any discussion about breaking the lease would have to come from either the team owner or Mayor Vincent Gray.

While the Post reports that Gray has had informal discussions with team officials and council members, “formal negotiations” for a new stadium are still far away.

And given that the District said it wouldn’t be able to put any money into a new stadium, the council may have to keep on dreaming for the day the Redskins return.


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