D.C. Council Votes to Only Allow Marijuana Use in Private Homes

Just days after legalization went into effect, the D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to place new restrictions on where adults may smoke marijuana.

The legislation, proposed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, clarifies that marijuana may not be consumed in private clubs or bars, and is only allowed in a person’s private residence.

The move draws a sharp line between elected D.C. officials and advocates for legalization who had been allies in the fight with Congress to legalize pot in the nation’s capital.

Adam Eidinger, who lead the effort to get Initiative 71 approved, told News4 he feels Bowser has "betrayed" them and is threatening to organize public smoke-ins in protest.  

Eidinger said residents need somewhere, other than their homes, to be able to gather and smoke marijuana, just as adults are allowed to consume alcohol in bars.

The battle with Congress over legalization is far from over. Members of Congress have renewed their threats to take legal action against the mayor and council.

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