Mary Cheh

DC Council Member's Car Stolen in Northwest

Councilwoman Cheh left the car running while she went into a bakery

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A D.C. Council member's car was stolen after she left it running while making a stop at a bakery in Northwest Thursday.

Councilwoman Mary Cheh parked her dark blue Subaru Outback in front of Bread Furst in the 4400 block of Connecticut Avenue NW about 12:45 p.m.

A dark-colored sedan drove past, stopped and a man got out. In a matter of seconds, he jumped into the unlocked Subaru and drove away. 

This type of car theft has been on the rise throughout the D.C. area since the coronavirus pandemic began. Thieves realize people picking up takeout orders and drivers for food delivery services are leaving their vehicles unlocked and running outside restaurants.

Surveillance footage shows D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh’s car being stolen in Northwest D.C.

Cheh did not immediately reply to News4’s request for comment but posted about the incident on Twitter.

She added, "These things can happen in an instant, they are crimes of opportunity, so I urge everyone to stay alert and take precautions—like double checking that your car is locked, never leave it running, and using anti-theft devices."

A passerby found the council member’s phone — which was in the Subaru when it was stolen — discarded on the street a few miles away.

The crime was caught on video by a camera at a neighboring business. Police are searching for the Subaru.

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