DC Council Considers Scrapping Raises as It Considers Cuts

WASHINGTON -- Facing some tough budget decisions, some D.C. Council members aren't feeling too comfortable with their automatic cost-of-living raises and are suggesting foregoing future salary hikes.

Council members are getting a 4.5 percent raise while the pore over millions of dollars in cuts in Mayor Adrian Fenty's proposed budget for the 2010 fiscal year that begins in October.

Most of the city's union workers, including firefighters and police officers, might not see raises, but the D.C. Council members do because of a law it approved in 2006. They get COLA raises every year unless they vote not to take them.

Since they're asking for sacrifices from others, many council members aren't opposed to skipping their next raise, too.

In 2006, when the law became effective, the council members made $92,000. By 2008, the pay had jumped to $120,000. With a 4.5 percent raise retroactive to Jan. 4, the council salaries will be close to $126,000.

The 2010 raise would not be calculated until next January, if it remains in the budget.

Voting to skip a raise does not scrap the automatic COLA provision.

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