DC Civil Rights Legend Hospitalized

Dr. Dorothy Height is in stable, but serious condition

Dr. Dorothy Height, a leading civil rights activist and legend, remains hospitalized at Howard University Hospital.

She had checked into the hospital last Thursday, but was put in intensive care Wednesday. In a statement obtained by the Washington Post, former Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman said:

Dr. Height's condition is stable but serious. She is under excellent care at the Howard University Hospital and we remain very optimistic in regards to her recovery.

"We are grateful for the professional care of her doctors," said a spokesperson for Height, Alexis M. Herman. "We especially thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support during this challenging time.”

A civil rights advocate and educator for more than 75 years, Dr. Height was supposed to celebrate her 98th birthday Wednesday. Herman said the celebration went on because "Dr. Height wanted it," according to the Huffington Post.

Due to Dr. Height's hospitalization, the party turned into an event "filled with prayers for her speedy recovery." There were more than 150 people at the event, which was held at the headquarters of the National Council of Negro Women.

Dr. Height is President Emerita of the National Council of Negro Women. She also founded the Black Family Reunion and, in 2004, she was honored with the Congressional Gold Medal.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama praised her "good friend, Dorothy Height" at the International Women's Day Reception at the White House.  

Dr. Height, who worked alongside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was seated in a place of honor at President Barack Obama's inauguration last year.

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