Northeast DC

DC Carjacker Steals, Returns Car With Baby Inside

"He got out of the car, looked, saw the officer and bolted," a witness said

DC carjacking scene
NBC Washington

A man stole a car with a baby inside in Northeast D.C. on Wednesday and then returned the vehicle and child minutes later, authorities say. A witness tells News4 she saw the carjacker park, look around and run. 

The car was stolen from Third and K streets NE just after 8 p.m., D.C. police said. It was returned a short time later.

Resident Stephanie Purifoy was home when she heard screaming and crying, she said Thursday morning. She went onto her balcony and heard a man telling workers at a nearby restaurant that his car had been stolen with his baby inside. 

A police car arrived within minutes and the man and a woman began talking with an officer, Purifoy said.

“Right as that happened, this silver car comes up on Third Street, parks on the corner and a man gets out of the car and sprints down the block,” she said. “He got out of the car, looked, saw the officer and bolted.” 

The man and woman ran to the car and took out the child, who looked no older than 2 years old and appeared to be OK, Purifoy said. 

Officers searched for evidence inside a silver sedan, News4 footage shows. 

The search for a suspect is ongoing. No identifying information was released. 

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