Blossom Parade Stalled by Flaming SUV

The federal shutdown could not stop the Cherry Blossom Parade on Saturday - but a smoking SUV did.

The pageant of dancers, bands, and elected officials marching through the streets of Washington Saturday had to pause for a Dodge Durango that had caught fire.

The SUV had been towing a parade float carrying a band, when black smoke started pouring out from beneath its hood.  The vehicle came to a stop at Constitution near 12th Street.  Nearby firefighters quickly detached the float from the damaged vehicle and moved bystanders back.  As the vehicle burned, Eddie Finley, who was in the crowd, shot video which can be viewed below.

D.C. EMS crews were able to contain the incident, but not before the vehicle briefly erupted in flame.

After a 15 minute break, the parade continued.

(video by Eddie Finley)

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