D.C. Bill Would Assure Coverage for Pedestrians, Cyclists Struck by Vehicles

Activists in D.C. are trying to change a city law that makes it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to collect insurance claims when they're hurt in accidents.

Native Washingtonian Tracy Low was rear-ended by a minivan at Connecticut Avenue and Fessenden Street in Northwest while riding a bicycle. She was thrown more than 20 feet and suffered a sprained back and a broken pelvis. But she learned D.C. law didn’t require the driver’s insurance company to cover thousands of dollars in medical costs. She had to sue.

A D.C. Council bill would clarify complex insurance law to assure coverage for pedestrians and cyclists – similar to most other states -- without costly lawsuits.

Insurance companies say the bill would increase consumer rates, has had major changes since it was introduced and needs further review.

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