Valentine's Day

Throwback: Hilarious and Cringeworthy Dating Stories From the DC Area

Dating in the D.C. area can be weird, and those first meetups can be downright cringeworthy.

But it's worth it if you walk away with a story (right?).

We asked News4 viewers to call in and share their most awkward, hilarious dating stories just in time for Valentine's Day — and you delivered.

Watch the video above for the stories of dates that couldn't end soon enough, from a severely miscalculated serenade to a romantic dinner that got way too hot (and by that, we mean there was literal fire involved).

Seinfeld creator Larry David once said, "A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone."

Being alone must be better than getting third wheeled on your own date like News4's Aimee Cho:

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