DC-Area Summer Road Projects Keep Drivers on Edge

Every summer, road projects get underway and commutes slow down. This year, there are three projects of which drivers will need aware before getting behind the wheel.

The first location is River Road, between Goldsboro Road and the Washington, D.C., city line. A repaving project is currently underway on the heels of a massive utility project.

"I don't know whether it's been utilities, water, cable, but obviously, something they had to do," said Rod Becker, who lives near the project site.

The new repaving project won't finish until next year, but 31,000 vehicles a day will be impacted by the work, which is often happening mid-day.

"It is a pain, because it would just be more convenient for everybody if they did it at night,” said Steven Sullivan, a driver who travels the area. “It doesn't make sense."

The second project is part of the work being done at 3rd Street, Northwest, and Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. A new tunnel at that location is also moving utility services, while a major development goes on nearby.

Pedestrians are having a tough time just walking through the area.

"I was a little stressful,” said Lilly Johnston. “Yeah, a little bit."

The third project will add electronic tolling to Interstate 66 inside the beltway, starting next month. For the first time, solo drivers will be allowed to pay to use the road during rush hours.

All of the projects will last into next year, at least.

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