Christmas Extravaganza: Turning Up the Dial on Decorating This Holiday Season

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People are turning up the dial on decorating this holiday season. 

Kate Dreyer is the blogger behind "Kate Decorates." Admittedly, she and her family love the holiday season, but this year, they started decorating early—after Halloween.

Christmas decorations dining room
Kate Dreyer

She's not alone—tree sales are up 29% this year, according to Evercore ISI. There’s also evidence people are getting larger trees and buying more home decorations.

“My kids were all about it, so we leaned into it,” says Dreyer.

They started in the family room with a rainbow inspired tree. Then, each of the kids bedrooms and playroom got some sparkle too.

Dreyer says it was an instant mood booster. And there's science to prove it. Psychologists say decorating for the holidays can spike dopamine, a feel good hormone.

christmas decorations playroom
Kate Dreyer

“It’s just been a rough year for everybody combined with the fact that we love Christmas anyway so it felt like there was an opportunity to bring out all the decor and get really festive,” says Dreyer.

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