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DC-Area Gas Prices Spike Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

The price of a gallon of gas is more than $4.50 in some areas

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having a direct impact on driver's wallets, and gas prices have increased significantly in the D.C. region.

News4 saw gas priced at $3.34 in Beltsville, Maryland, $3.73 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and as high as $4.59 in Northwest D.C. on Wednesday.

Gas prices are rising higher than usual with the national average up four cents this past week, according to the American Automobile Association.

"I think the gas price is very high, so I hope the government will do something about it," driver Israel Jones said.

"To be at almost $4, that’s pretty drastic," driver Jenny Staines said.

With Russia being one of the world’s largest oil suppliers, the AAA says prices might not get better any time soon.

"Should the U.S. and its allies impose any sanctions on Russia, they could possibly withhold oil, further impacting the global market," AAA spokesperson Ragina Ali said.


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But even before those tensions began, gas prices were on the rise for many months.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas right now is $3.53 —almost $1 more than it was a year ago. In D.C., the average is higher at $3.72.

"It’s a big effect on people, especially people when they travel a lot," driver Arnon Scheflan said.

"I mean it’s taking a hundred-plus dollars to fill up your tank nowadays and, realistically, that’s just not practical," Staines said.

So what can drivers do to cut down on costs? AAA does have one suggestion: Slow down.

"For every 5 miles per hour that a driver is going over 60 miles per hour, is equivalent to an additional 15 cents per gallon of gas that you’re wasting," Ali said.

AAA also recommended people try carpooling.

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