Anacostia Student Shot by Teen

Anacostia High School student Gary Gordon, 18, was killed Sunday morning by a gun shot wound.

A 15-year-old girl has been charged in the shooting.

Investigators found Gordon's body in front of a window pierced by a bullet, inside the Washington View Apartments.  Initially, it appeared to investigators that the young man had been shot by someone outside the apartment.

However, authorities said that the scene was staged.  In court on Monday, witnesses said that a group of three to four teenagers had been inside the apartment on Sunday, playing with a handgun.

Witnesses said that the 15-year-old girl removed the magazine from the weapon, a 9-mm pistol, and then aimed the gun at Gordon.  When she pulled the trigger, the court heard, a single bullet that was left in the chamber hit and killed Gary Gordon.

After the shooting, the teens tried to make the fatal shot look like it came from outside.  One of the teenagers present leaned out of the house and fired back through the window, witnesses said.  A bullet casing from the gun was found underneath the window.

The 15-year-old that police said pulled the trigger is being held under a number of charges, including negligent homicide.

Neighbors remembered Gordon as a talented basketball player.  Grief counselors are at Anacostia High School to assist grieving students.

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