D.C.: Top City for Finding a Sugar Daddy

Dating site survey shows Washington is rife with rich, older men

Attention Washington-area singles: If you’re looking for a wealthy older mate to subsidize your extravagant lifestyle, you’re in a good location.

D.C. ranks 6th in the nation for the number of sugar daddies per capita, according to SeekingArrangement.com. That’s a website that matches the aforementioned sugar daddies with the younger, presumably gold-digging individuals who want to date them – also known as “sugar babies.”
For those who are wondering, a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is not always sexual in nature – at least not by SeekingArrangement.com’s definition.
In an e-mail to News4, website founder and CEO Brandon Wade writes that sugar daddies typically spend money on “gifts, shopping trips, dinners, and sometimes an allowance” for their sugar babies, and that “21% of all sugar relationships do not involve sex.”
Wade added, “Sex for money exchanges are specifically prohibited on our website, and is not what sugar daddy dating is all about.”
According to a 5-year SeekingArrangement.com analysis, about 2.24 of every 1,000 adult men are sugar daddies in the Washington metro region. The average age for a local sugar daddy is 39 years old.
Washington sugar daddies have a net worth of about $4.33 million, and spend nearly $4,000 a month their sugar babies. But that’s apparently on the stingy side, as the Huffington Post pointed out.
But beware, sugar daddy seekers – a lot of the ones in our area might get you involved in some Jerry Springer-worth drama. SeekingArrangement.com says 47.9% are married.
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