Daycare Worker Charged After Slamming Toddler’s Head Onto Table, Police Say

A daycare worker in Upper Marlboro, Maryland has been charged with child abuse after police say she slammed a 3-year-old boy's head onto a table. 

D’Aira Nichel Thompson, 25, was charged with second-degree child abuse and second-degree assault. 

Prince George's County police say Thompson was trying to restrain the victim in a chair at Antioch Child Care Center Tuesday morning. During the struggle, Thompson allegedly told the boy to put his head on the table and slammed his head down. 

The victim suffered a contusion to the right side of his head. 

The boy's father told police another parent witnessed the assault. The incident was also captured by surveillance cameras at the daycare.

Many parents picking up their children on Thursday learned for the first time of the assault allegations against Thompson.

"It's 100 percent unacceptable in these types of times like we have, we just can't have something like that take place," said parent Charles Shelton.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police at 301-772-4930.

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