Davey Johnson’s Tribute Video

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The Nationals, five games out with six to play, closed out what is all but likely their final homestand of the season Sunday, splitting a rainout-induced doubleheader with the Marlins.

Sunday was also Davey Johnson's last day as manager at Nationals Park after two-plus seasons. The 70-year-old will step down at the end of the season (though he will remain with the organization in an advising role), so the team honored him with a tribute video.

“I was really moved by everything,” Johnson told reporters. “Really nicely done, it brought back a lot of old memories. It was fun seeing me in a Japanese uniform again. It was really sweet. I was really moved by it. The guys were great. I felt like when it was over I should take off my uniform and go crawl in a hole somewhere. It was nice.”

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