D.C.'s Largest Needle Exchange Clinic Runs Out of Cash

Despite $1 million in city AIDS funding over the next three years, the District's largest needle exchange program is nearly out of cash.

Prevention Works is having difficulty supplying clean syringes to intravenous drug users and employees tell the Washington Post the organization's money problems have been building up for some time. The clinic has also been on shaky ground with some employees who are unhappy with the actions of the current and former director. Intravenous drug use is blamed for much of the spread of HIV AIDS in the district.

The paper reports a shortage of supplies has forced the group's staff to toss out dirty needles in boxes and bags and to go without payroll or gas in their mobile unit.

The clinic's director, Phillip Terry, tells the Post the financial struggle is similar to what many non-profits are going through with private donations down. The news comes weeks after Congress agreed not to impede city funding for needle exchange programs.

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