Cuts Coming to Prince George's County Schools

Hundreds of teachers may face layoffs

Hundreds of teachers in Prince George’s County may soon be out of a job because of budget cuts.

The county’s school board approved a $1.6 billion budget on Tuesday. It calls for cutting as many as 700 teachers.

The layoffs could be a result of a decline in enrollment as well as the current economic climate. About 125,000 students will be enrolled in Prince George’s County schools next school year. That’s down nearly 5,000 students from this past year. At the same time, spending for the upcoming fiscal year is down 2 percent from the year that ends June 30th.

Other cost-saving measures include reducing early-education programs to a half-day, and imposing a $50 fee to play sports in high school. Students can get a needs-based waiver for that fee.

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