Crowd-Funded Nano Drone Failed to Deliver on Schedule

Thousands of people invested hundreds of dollars each into a company developing a high-tech mini drone, but when the company missed several delivery deadlines, many investors started to worry they'd never get what they bought.

ONAGOfly said it designed the world’s first “smart nano drone.” It appears to have all the capabilities of a regular drone but can fit in the palm of your hand.

“The video just took me in,” drone enthusiast Jay Boucher of Arlington, Virginia, said. “There was fantastic footage. It looked very controllable.”

ONAGOfly used a crowd-funding site to raise money to develop the product.

Boucher signed up and paid $260. He was told his nano drone would be delivered in March.

“As of today in July, it still has not been delivered,” Boucher said.

ONAGOfly received hundreds of similar complaints on social media.


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Those who did receive their drones have numerous complaints, as well. They say the battery doesn’t hold a charge and the drone doesn’t function the way the company promised. They say when they call customer service, they get no support.

On its Facebook page, ONAGOfly thanked its customers for their patience and posted a video explaining they only expected a few thousand requests for the drones but received more than 17,000.

NBC4 Responds never heard back from ONAGOfly, but the company did issue Boucher a full refund.

The company, which raised more than $3 million through the crowd-funding effort, also addressed complaints regarding the drone’s features. In an online update to its customers, the company said it made a series of updates to its software.

ONAGOfly also said it has completed shipping out all U.S. orders.

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