Cross-Dressing Shoplifting Suspect Nabbed

Police: Man wore dress to steal another dress

When Montgomery County police asked for the public's help last week in identifying a shoplifting suspect, they weren't sure if the thief was a man or a woman.

Police say they now have their answer: it was a man ... who dressed like a woman.

Jonathan Bradley, 20, was charged in the theft of a $2,000 Chanel dress from the Saks Fifth Avenue store late last month in Chevy Chase. Police said Bradley wore a dress and carried a large carry-all bag through the store. Police said Bradley was stopped by a security guard as he tried to leave the store, but sprayed the guard in the eyes with pepper spray and fled.

Police took Bradley into custody Thursday during a routine traffic stop in southeast Washington. Police said he was dressed as a woman then, as well.

Bradley was charged with theft over $500, malicious destruction of property over $500, second-degree assault and intent to injure by mace/chemical device.

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