Crime Crackdown in Adams Morgan

Officials hoping for crazy nights to get a little less crazy

Police and other District officials want to make sure you can eat your Jumbo Slice and still stay safe after a night out in Adams Morgan.
There have been 21 violent crimes in the area around the intersection of Kalorama Rd. and Champlain St. NW in the past six months alone, including two deadly shootings since December.
"Right here at the intersection, we've had too much violence," Mayor Adrian Fenty said Thursday.
Now, police want to put a stop to the neighborhood's growing reputation for crime.
A crime camera has been installed at the aforementioned intersection, and the underpass at Reed Elementary School on Champlain Rd. will be open to traffic to discourage loitering in the area.
Police Chief Cathy Lanier expects to see an immediate decrease in crime thanks to the new security measures.
Local business owners, meanwhile, hope to see an increase in patrons.
"I think [the crime is] obviously keeping people away," said Madam's Organ owner Bill Dugan. "And it's such a great neighborhood."
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