Deeds Really Wants To Hype His Post Endorsement

Washington Post really wants you to know about Deeds' coma

Have you got the Deeds Fever? For Creigh Deeds? He's running for governor of Virginia! It's a fact. And one time he was in a coma!

"Political experts" are suggesting that Deeds could be staging a last-minute comeback against the grease merchant Terry McAuliffe and Brian "The Other" Moran, also a grease merchant. Deeds won a crucial Washington Post endorsement a week ago, after all -- and they only give out one of those.

(No one is really sure how Deeds is faring nowadays, since no major polls have been conducted since May 21. Eight days! There's a freaking major state primary on June 9! Did all the pollsters skip work to go ride "The Hurler" at King's Dominion?)

With Moran's negative attacks of late showing a lukewarm reaction among voters -- most notably that famous episode when he lectured black people about how McAuliffe hates Barack Obama (and, in effect, all of "them"?) -- and McAuliffe bickering with Ralph Nader about whatever, Deeds can just go bragging about his Post endorsement in Northern Virginia, gracefully.

Deeds, too, is pumping mail into Northern Virginia. Two pieces spotlight the Post endorsement; another, his support for public education.

His special friends at the Post have followed up the endorsement with a rather fawning profile in this morning's addition, too, about how he fell into a coma one time when a tractor attacked him. Folksy!

HOT SPRINGS, Va. -- On a chilly October night nearly 40 years ago, as people in this tiny rural community cheered its high school football team and primped for a homecoming dance, a farm truck broke loose on the steep hill overlooking the field.

[...] The three-quarter-ton truck barreled into the concession stand, killing two children and injuring a dozen people, including 12-year-old Creigh Deeds.

Deeds, who is now running for governor against two opponents in the June 9 Democratic primary in Virginia, lapsed into a coma for 16 days.

But then he recovered! And now he could be governor! Someone do a poll already!

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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