Creek Swells Out of Its Banks in Upper Marlboro

Monday's heavy rain and the threat of more to come means careful monitoring of flood prone areas of Prince George's County.

The Western Branch Creek is normally almost invisible in Upper Marlboro, but Tuesday it swelled over the bridge and partially covered one lane of Water Street.

State and county officials began keeping a close eye on the Western Branch at Water Street early Tuesday morning.

“Our Department of Public Works and Transportation has been for the last several days with all of that we have had and are still forecast to receive have gone through the county,” said Susan Hubbard, of Prince George’s County. “They have looked at the storm drains. They’ve removed any debris in the storm drains.

A team from the U.S. Geological Survey spent time documenting depth and current patterns as the water continued to rise during the early afternoon hours.

In addition to the Water Street area,  low-lying businesses and homes along Route 725 are also regularly threatened by flash  floodwaters. The section of Western Branch adjacent to that area is still within its banks.

Officials said they'll continue to monitor the flooding conditions there, as the the next high tide is of even greater concern.

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