Court Documents Reveal Witness to Charles Severance's Guns

A recent court document from the lawyer for a man being investigated in connection with three high-profile murders in Alexandria, Va., sheds light on the alleged crimes and questions about his arrest.

Charles Severance is being held in West Virginia on an unrelated gun charge out of Loudoun County, Va. The 56-page filing is his response to Virginia’s request to extradite, which Severance and his attorney are fighting.

Severance’s attorney called the arrest and extradition proceedings an obvious “sham,” saying it has nothing to do with that gun charge and everything to do with the slayings of Nancy Dunning, Ron Kirby and Ruthanne Lodato over 10 years in Alexandria.

No authorities from Loudoun County have gone to West Virginia, the lawyer said, but FBI and Alexandria police where there in minutes. The documents show Alexandria police served two search warrants based on the charge of murder.

The documents also reveal a witness. A former girlfriend told police she bought two .22-caliber guns for Severance and hasn’t seen the guns since he left with them last month.

While Alexandria police refuse to call Severance a suspect in the Alexandria murders, they have said the crimes were all committed with a small-caliber gun, like a .22.

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