County in Maryland Buys Bulletproof Clipboards, Shields

Worcester County Commissioners Step Up Security for Public Officials

A Maryland county has decided to step up security for its elected officials and employees, purchasing dozens of bulletproof clipboards and shields designed to provide protection in public meetings and offices.

Commissioners in Worcester County, located in eastern Maryland, recently purchased the bulletproof clipboards and shields from Hardwire LLC, an armor manufacturer based in Pocomoke City, a Worcester County town that bills itself as "the friendliest town on the Eastern Shore." Hardwire's CEO George Tunis handed out the clipboards to the commissioners at a meeting on Tuesday.

“We’re really blessed to have you in Worcester County,” said Commissioner Judy Boggs.

The order included 61 clipboards and 33 shields, 14 of which are heavy-duty and designed to stop automatic assault rifle rounds at point-blank range. Workers in the county's main government office buildings, courthouses and state's attorney office will receive the shields.

According to the Daily Times of Salisbury, the county paid $12,000 for the equipment, with a 50 percent discount from Hardwire.

With demand for Hardwire's products in combat zones drying up over the past few years, the company decided to pivot into domestic markets, the Daily Times reported.

Hardwire provided bulletproof whiteboards to public schools in Worcester County last year. Tunis said he was inspired to create products for public schools after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

He decided to offer the bulletproof shields at a discount to protect “high-value assets” like elected officials and “places we know tempers are running high.”

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