Councilmember Mary Cheh Proposes Changes to How D.C. Handles Parking Tickets

As part of an effort to streamline who is in charge of writing parking tickets, D.C. may shake up how it handles 2 million tickets every year and make it easier to fight them.

Whether on cars parked next to clearly marked meters or in an area with a forest of confusing parking signs, parking tickets are a common sight in the District.

People line up to pay the tickets or fight them, hoping they catch a break from the hearing officer.

Councilmember Mary Cheh proposed the city at least clarify its parking policy.

The bewildering mix of agencies that handle tickets now would be streamlined with a new, specific agency to handle parking tickets and make it easier to challenge those given in error.

“The reorganization bill I have to today is going to take all of the matters related to parking and put them in one agency, and in that way we’ll have a more efficient, more effective operation,” she said.

“Right now, if you challenge a ticket and the adjudicator says no, then you don’t even know why they said no,” Cheh added.

But motorists shouldn't think the city is suddenly going to go easy on parking tickets.

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