Council, Mayor Bicker Over Nats Tickets … Seriously

Council wonders where their tickets are

Let's get this straight. You're fighting over Nationals tickets? Seriously?

It's Round 2 of Ticketgate in the District, as D.C. Council members are bickering with Mayor Adrian Fenty over the use of a suite at Nationals Park. So they can watch the worst team in baseball.

Council members believe they have the right to a season's worth of tickets to a skybox at the baseball stadium. Fenty, who already has his own suite, apparently doesn't think that's quite enough. He holds the tickets to the Council's suite, too.

So what happened on Opening Day? Council members were left out in the cold, and one even had to beg the mayor's office for tickets that he had auctioned off for charity, according to the Washington Post.

Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) said he received two tickets for yesterday's game after he went to Deputy Mayor Neil O. Albert. Graham said he needed the tickets because he had auctioned them off for charity. "The people who made the charitable donation . . . were justifiably wondering where their tickets were," Graham said. He added, "This is creating a lot of bad feelings down" at the Wilson Building.

The same situation happened last season, and Council members thought they had nipped the problem in the bud during the offseason. But once again, Opening Day came and the mayor controlled the tickets.

So what's next? Some on Council say they're taking it to the next level, like at-large Council member Kwame Brown, who may propose legislation to auction off both suites.  To help solve budget problems, of course.

"We should sell both boxes to the highest bidder and use the money to help with budget pressures," Brown told the Post. "It's the people's boxes. It's the people's stadium. Why does the mayor get the boxes?"

The budget issues are quite large.  Exactly how much do you expect to get for those seats, Councilman?

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