Cosby Accuser Asks DC Council to End Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Cases

One of Bill Cosby's accusers pleaded with the D.C. Council Thursday to change the city's statute of limitations for sex abuse cases.

“I forgive Mr. Cosby,” Charlotte Fox said. “I’ve moved on with my life. I just want to see people who want to say something, give them the opportunity.”

Giving victims a voice has been Charlotte Fox’s mission since coming forward to say Cosby abused her.

For the past three years she has pressured the DC Council to remove the statute of limitations on criminal and civil sex abuse cases.

“If you don’t take full advantage of extending the statute of limitations, it will be another crime on humanity,” she said.

The Catholic Church opposes removing the limits on civil charges because they say government institutions won’t be held to the same accountability as everyone else.

“We strongly urge for considerations of fairness and parity between public and private institutions to be paramount,” said Kim Viti Fiorentino of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Maryland State Del. C.T. Wilson was a victim of sex abuse as a child and helped eliminate the limits in Maryland.

“As a Christian, I am somewhat offended when I hear the church is opposed to bills like this that are supposed to help our victims,” he said.

Council members seemed divided on the issue Thursday. It could be months before the council votes on the matter.

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