Coronavirus Testing Site in Virginia Opens With Few Restrictions

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A new coronavirus testing site in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, is attracting people from all across the northern part of the state because of its streamlined testing process.

About a week ago, BetterMed Urgent Care started converting five of its 12 urgent care clinics into strictly coronavirus exam sites. Co-owner Dr. Mark Rausch said he was concerned over the lack of testing. They were able to partner with smaller labs to get a quick plan to increase the number of people they test each day.

“The hope is that some of our facilities were going to have a two-lane system built where we're going to try to do 120 a day. And seven days a week,” said Rausch.

The process starts with answering a few questions online and an appointment is booked — no doctor’s order required like most other testing locations. Once an individual comes curbside, a mini-exam is conducted before the swab is done.

Results are available in three to five days, which is faster than a lot of other available testing sites. Rausch said they’re planning on inviting first responders and health care providers to get tested without an appointment very soon.

“We’re going to have you come in and just not make an appointment because those are the people that need testing critically and quick, so put them to the front of the line,” Rausch said.

Fredericksburg resident Penny Wack drove to the testing site to get herself and her 15-year-old tested. Her voice is normally heard across the area on Thunder 104.5, but she’s been broadcasting from home since her son got sick. Her husband suggested she get tested.


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“I have underlying asthma, and he said why don’t both of you get it,” Wack said.

Nurse Yosiko Dais traveled all the way from Manassas when she heard about the curbside exam.

“We see people on a daily basis with symptoms so I’m curious. I want to know if I’ve been exposed or not,” Dais said.

In addition to the testing site in Spotsylvania, there are also four locations in the Richmond area.

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