Cooler Weather Heats Up Local Businesses

Local Restaurants Thankful for a Break From the Heat

It was a picture perfect night across the metro area Friday. After the storms cleared and temperatures cooled down, restaurants were once again packed with customers and cute little Max is back outside enjoying his favorite activity.
“He actually loves this,” said dog owner Lauren Farley. “He loves sitting outside of cafes. He kind of grew up doing this, so he likes to just sit outside and people watch.”
Watch the foot traffic on which Georgetown restaurants depend.
The owner of the Peacock Café Shahab Farivar said he can get anywhere from 30-40 percent extra business from outdoor seating, but because of the heat the past few weeks, things have been slow.
"In the middle of summer a lot of our regulars leave town, Congress is generally out of sessions, so there is a little bit less activity,” he said. “So the nicer weather really helps us out.”
Friday night, the temperature was turned up at Eden, one of the newest hot spots in downtown D.C. With a completely uncovered rooftop bar, the heat can wreak havoc with the night
“When we opened up we sort of prepared for the heat and put up a bunch of fans and then we just had unprecedented heat, so we added misters and doubled the amount of fans, and now as you can tell, it’s actually always pretty cool up here,” said owner Vinoda Bayasnake.
“Breezy, south of France, relaxing,” said Todd Hames, who enjoyed the night. “It’s like we’re in a whole new stratosphere, a whole different atmosphere. It feels fantastic.”
And as of the sun went down, more and more flocked to the streets of Arlington, Va., to have that outdoor dinner they'd were hoping to enjoy for some time.
“It feels great. Thank goodness that it finally broke and we can be outside,” said Melinda George, who enjoyed her meal outside. “That’s all I wanted tonight -- dinner outside. You know it’s not going to stick around, it’s August in Arlington, but we’ll take the break while we got it.”
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