Construction of Pedestrian Bridge on Rock Creek Park Trail Begins

Construction started this week and will last until 2023

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As many people are exercising outside during the pandemic, one of D.C.’s most popular trails is getting a makeover. 

Rock Creek Park Trail is expanding as many say it currently does not have enough room, transportation officials say. About three and a half miles will be renovated.

Currently, a path that has been closed because of flood damage will be restored which means people won’t have to make a squeeze through a tunnel.

District Department of Transportation is working with the National Park Service to build a pedestrian bridge that will provide more space— safely away from cars.

D.C. native David Marshall has been using the trail for years, but he said he would love more room to spread out. 

”It’s dangerous, but there’s no other way around,” Marshall said. "It is a little tight and sometimes uncomfortable – especially on warm days, it gets real crowded.” 

 District Department of Transportation interim director Everett Lott said many people of been using the trail due to the pandemic.


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“Because of COVID, a lot more people have used this particular piece of land a lot more and it’s been actually great. I use it quite a bit, as well,” said Lott.

The makeover will be completed in seven phases, and people should expect some closures during that time. but at the end of it, more space will be added.

Construction started this week and will last until 2023.

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