Conn. Ave. Repaving Project Proves to Be Bigger Problem Than Expected

A major repaving project on a busy commuter route in Maryland is sending many drivers to their mechanics.

Connecticut Avenue between East-West Highway and the D.C. line is shredded. The State Highway Administration said after the top layer of the road was milled down, it became very clear that the base of the road was deteriorating too fast.

Drivers must navigate a virtual minefield of craters, potholes, dirt, dust and debris -- and it's been like that for days.

Taryn Dougherty, a veteran of the road, said her car is telling her.

"Because of the potholes my tire pressure gauge got thrown off and it says my right front tire is zero, actually, which we know is wrong," she said.

"We understand the surface is in poor condition and are working quickly to determine our next course of action," an SHA statement said.

SHA determined the road is in such bad shape it can't stay that way much longer.

But an effort to fix the bumpy commute will get a lot slower before it gets any smoother. Emergency repaving will continue for the next several days.

And the discovery of the deteriorating concrete underneath means a complete replacement of the roadway is necessary, though that project is many years down the road, SHA said.

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