Condo Construction Could Bring Traffic Nightmare to Georgetown Intersection

The Exxon next to Georgetown's famous "Exorcist" steps will be torn down to make way for new condominiums

D.C.-area commuters who frequent the Key Bridge area in Georgetown may have to change their routes -- and find another place to fill up their tanks -- once a new construction project gets started.

A condo building is set to take the place of the Exxon gas station that sits next to the famous "Exorcist" steps.

The gas station's proximity to the Key Bridge makes it a convenient spot for drivers who need to get gas quickly.

"I'll be most disappointed about losing my favorite gas station. The only one I can stop by on the way out of town," said driver Dave Schnittger.

While the "Exorcist" steps won't be touched, construction will likely jam already crowded roads and sidewalks.

Georgetown ANC Commissioner Tom Birth said residents may need to rethink how they travel.

"We're a city where people want to live in the city and those people either have to just give up their cars and realize they're true urbanites, or they've got to look for alternative ways to get around and the city has a role in providing that," Birch said.

Birch said he realizes the construction could create added stress on the roads. He said he's calling for increased public transportation in the area, including more one-way streets during rush hour.

"We see that when you make a street one-way, traffic flows and we've got a couple one-way streets here in Georgetown, but if we had more of them, we'd see people moving along," Birch said.

The condo building may be in the same space as the preferred location for the Georgetown gondola station - an idea that's gaining ground with D.C. leaders.

Construction is set to start next year.

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