National Cathedral Holds Post-Election Prayer Services

People who say they are seeking hope at a polarizing time are attending post-election prayer services. 

The Washington National Cathedral held post-election prayer services Wednesday morning, at noon and at 5:30 p.m.

News4's Kristin Wright reported early Wednesday from the church, where some attendees were still wearing "I voted" stickers.

The National Cathedral is aiming to create unity. 

“The divisions that have developed between different parts of our community make it difficult to see how we walk down that path together,” Rev. Randy Hollerith, dean of the church said in a statement.

Bishop Mariann Budde and Rev. Hollerith will preside over the services Wednesday. 

“These services should be seen as a beginning of the hard, but critical work, of bridging the gaps between us as citizens and neighbors,” Hollerith said in the statement

The services are free and open to everyone.

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