Cold Weather Opening Up Potholes on DC Area's Busiest Roads

The cold weather is opening up huge potholes on some of the D.C. area’s busiest roads.

Perhaps the worst stretch in the area right now isn’t just a road — it’s a bridge.

Major craters and potholes have developed on the outbound lanes of the Memorial Bridge exposing rebar in places, and some drivers are swerving inbound lanes to avoid them.

“Somebody has to fix it,” commuter Bill Starrles said. “I got on the phone and emailed to contacts I have, and nothing happened.”

Starrels uses Memorial Bridge all the time and believes it is now dangerous.

“Cars dodge the potholes, and usually it’s one lane going toward Virginia … and you’re dodging yourself into oncoming traffic, which is not healthy,” he said.

News4 reached out to the National Park Service multiple times via email and Twitter about the issue, but because of the government shutdown, some of their operations are affected.

Viewers say there are plenty of other roads in bad shape.

Mary Davie tweeted Canal Road between Key Bridge and MacArthur Boulevard has major chucks of road missing.

Kara Gwaltney said the George Washington Parkway from Interstate 495 to the Roosevelt Bridge is an awful daily drive.

Maryland road crew say they have been out on pothole patrol. The Virginia Department of Transportation said it expects many more potholes in the coming weeks.

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