Wet Roads Could Turn Icy as Temperatures Drop Friday Night

The D.C. area saw a light dusting of snow and wet roads during the early Friday evening commute and there's a concern for icy conditions as temperatures drop tonight.

Storm Team4 said a light snow and graupel, or ice pellets, caused some spinouts in the region Friday afternoon.

Most of the precipitation was gone by 5:30 p.m. in the D.C. metro area, but Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer warned that any wetness left on the roads could turn icy as temperatures drop below freezing.

Kammerer also said drivers going up toward Baltimore and Philadelphia could see rough conditions as the storm system pushes to the northeast.

Carroll County and Anne Arundel Public Schools closed two hours early Friday ahead of possible bad weather. Howard County Public Schools closed 90 minutes early.

The Virginia Department of Transportation said it was treating roads that could potentially turn icy. 

Saturday, you're likely to see some sunshine. However, it will be breezy and cold with highs in the mid 40s. 

By Sunday, clouds will return with a slight chance of showers. Evening highs will be in the mid to upper 40s.

Next week, expect warmer days with temperatures reaching into the 50s.

Go here to see Storm Team4's live radar and hour-by-hour forecast. You can also see a list of school closures and weather advisories. 

With temperatures so low, it's important to keep yourself and your family, neighbors and friends safe and warm. We've rounded up what you need to know and do, like layering for warmth, eating right and being careful about using space heaters.

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