Weather Front Brings Smattering of Sleet

Over the weekend was unseasonably warm -- but thanks to a cold front that pushed its way into the region overnight, we're looking at unseasonably cold temperatures over the next week.

A few areas around D.C. reported scattered sleet and even some hail mid-morning.

Storm Team 4 Meteorologist Tom Kierein retweeted a brief video of sleet splashing down in Manassas shot by News4 photographer Sean Casey. Kierein added that areas to the north and west were likely to see a little more freezing rain this morning.

Temperatures today are unlikely to break 50 degrees for the most of the region; that's more than a 20-degree drop from the temperature yesterday, which hit 72 in D.C.

Parts of western Maryland are seeing below-freezing temperatures this morning.

Wind and rain showers are expected through the morning commute -- wear a warm coat and bring an umbrella -- though things should dry out this afternoon. Sidewalks and sidestreets are covered with slippery leaves this morning, so watch your footing and drive carefully.

Today's chill is expected to stick around -- over the next week, the D.C. area will see afternoon highs in the low 50s, about 5 to 10 degrees below average for this time of year.

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