Coca-Cola Named Official Beverage of Ocean City

Coke pushes Pepsi out of town

Another cola war battle was fought in Ocean City, and Coke has come out on top.

Ocean City, Maryland announced Wednesday a 5-year agreement, naming Coke as the city's exclusive beverage franchise holder.

What does that mean?  At Ocean City-owned properties and events, you want find Pepsi, Royal Crown, or Mr. Pibb being served.  Just Coca-Cola.

The Ocean City government estimates the deal is worth $286,172 annually.

“The Town is looking forward to working with Coca-Cola on a coordinated marketing program to promote Ocean City as a prime mid-Atlantic destination and Coca-Cola as our official beverage partner,” said Mayor Rick Meehan.

Coca Cola will succeed Pepsi, the former exclusive beverage of Ocean City.

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