Christmas Tree Bursts into Flames During Removal

Tree, flames didn't touch

LAUREL, Md. --   A family's Christmas tree burst into flames while it was being removed from a Laurel home Sunday afternoon.

Fire officials said the tree got too close to a fireplace in a home in the 11700 block of Montague Drive and suddenly caught fire.  By the time firefighters arrived, they found a raging fire on the lower level of the home with fire extending to an upper floor.

A woman suffered burns to her hands and was transported to a local hospital.  A family dog died in the fire.  A firefighter suffered burns to his head and arms and was transported to a local hospital.

“Live” Christmas trees that remain indoors this late after the holiday season will be dried out and extremely combustible regardless of how well it had been maintained, according to fire officials.  In this incident the tree did not make direct contact with the fireplace flames and was only in proximity when it suddenly ignited, fire officials said. 

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