Chris Brown Inspires Local Domestic Violence Action

Chris Brown Inspires Local Domestic Violence Action was originally published on The Sexist on Feb. 17, 2009, at 2:20 pm

Tonight, a “summit” on a new “domestic violence prevention campaign” will be held at the Union Temple Church at 1225 W St. SE. The summit, put on by the Ward 4 Education Council, “EZ Street” of Radio-One WKYS, Union Temple youth leaders, and WEAVE (Woman Empowered against Violence) is inspired by two recent events: First, the Chris Brown and Rihanna blowup in Los Angeles! Second, that whole hair-pulling melee at Cardozo High School, which actually occurred within the District limits. The meeting will be held tonight at 7 p.m. The full presser:


Ward 4 Education Council and EZ Street of Radio-One WKYS Union Temple Youth Leader’s MPD along with WEAVE have come together to create:


The summit will be held at Union Temple Church 1225 W St S.E. Tuesday February 17, 2009 7:00pm

Countless tragedies that occur in our homes, schools and workplace and we are holding this summit for everyone to address their concerns and issues with those who can tell you how to get out before it’s to late. This summit will help break the cycle of violence by giving a voice in the fight against Domestic Violence.


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The DC Commission for Women today denounced the recent spate of violence involving young women, both nationally and right here in our community. We are saddened by the alleged attack on the young singer Rihanna by her boyfriend, the singer Chris Brown, and are even more disappointed by the number of young women residents of the District of Columbia expressing their views that she deserved to be beaten on local radio call-in shows discussing the situation. Cherita Whiting, Ward 4 Commissioner for the Commission for Women and Chairperson of the Ward 4 Education Council commented, “With teen violence in the District of Columbia the highest in the country, it is particularly unacceptable for these young girls to believe there is anything anyone could have done to make Mr. Brown’s behavior okay.”

This, combined with the violence between girls that occurred this week at the District’s Cardozo High School are cause for serious concern about the realities of teen and intimate partner violence. More than a dozen students (mostly girls) were injured and 16 people were arrested as a result of the fighting at Cardozo.

We applaud the companies, shows and radio stations that have pulled Chris Brown’s endorsements, appearances and songs and strongly urge others to do the same. Domestic violence, teen violence, sexual abuse and stalking are serious issues that must be dealt with as such. DC Commission for Women Chair Reta Lewis stated today “if we have women and young girls in this town that think there’s anything she [Rihanna] could have done to deserve this, something must be done to educate DC residents on the issue of teen dating violence.” The Commission urges everyone to reach out to the following organizations if they are in need of help or want to learn more about these issues:

“WEAVE” (Woman Empowered against Violence) will hold sessions for privacy for all to speak in private with counselors.

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