Chilly Reception for DC Climate Rally

Dozens Demand “Real Deal” From Global Leaders

Attendance at the “Real Deal” rally on the National Mall Saturday was as bleak as the weather around Washington.

The event was one of 2,000 taking place simultaneously around the world to get the attention of world leaders in Copenhagen. The UN Climate Change Conference is at its mid-point, running December 7th through 18th.

A few dozen people stood out in the cold D.C. air to hear speakers list their demands from United Nations.

The global campaign network organized Saturday’s rally. Their goal is to have the Climate Conference result in a “fair, ambitious and binding” treaty.

“Fair” translating into a $200 Billion pledge by developed nations to help poorer nations reduce their impact on the environment. “Ambitious” is their goal to have global carbon emissions peak in the year 2015. They want legally “Binding” treaty with consequences for countries that don’t reduce carbon emissions.

Organizers held the Washington event to draw on the energy of like-minded supporters. It’s a cause that draws the passions of millions around the world. You would expect to see a crowd of sign-holders and marchers at the center of the U.S. capital. Instead, there was maybe enough for a softball game.

That wasn’t the case in many of the other 130 countries where similar rallies were held Saturday. Up to 100,000 paraded through Denmark’s capital. Thousands marched in cities across Australia and about 200 Filipino activists rallied in Manila.

Time will tell if the world protestors will impact the U.N. Climate Conference. The rally wraps up on Friday, December 18th.

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