Child With Autism Reunited With Parents Following School Bus Mishap

A family in Montgomery County is breathing a sigh of relief after they were reunited with their child who wound up going all the way to Baltimore on a school bus Wednesday.

Spokesperson for Montgomery County Public Schools Derek Turner told News4 that the child was picked up at Rockville High School Wednesday afternoon and was supposed to be dropped off in Silver Spring.

Montgomery County Public Schools said it appears to be a case of driver error in which the driver did not make sure the child was dropped off at the right stop. The driver of the bus was a substitute who may not have known where the child was supposed to be dropped off, according to the school district.

The student is on the autism spectrum and may not have been able to express what was happening, Turner said.

After the usual Silver Spring stop, the bus goes to Baltimore for students who are part of a program that allows some of the city's children to attend Montgomery County schools, Turner said.

The driver realized there was an extra child on the bus at that stop. The child did not get off the bus.

It's not known how many other students were on the bus at the time.

Police confirmed that the student was eventually reunited with their parents.

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