Chefs Judge DC Judges’ Cooking Skills

Superior Court Top Chef 020416
Mark Segraves

The tables were turned on about two dozen D.C. Superior Court judges Thursday night as they were judged on their cooking skills.

Chefs from 701, nopa and Rasika judged the event, which benefited two local charities with a clothing drive, so others might eat and dress for success.

Chief Judge Lee F. Satterfield said it’s important for judges to take their robes off and connect with the community.

“We see people in and out of court, we know people returning from prison need clothing to go out and get jobs, so a couple of judges came up with this idea,” Satterfield said.

And the winners are …


1. BLT dip: Judge Danya Dayson
2. Crab dip: Senior Judge Henry Greene
3. Spanish omelet: Magistrate Judge Kenia Seoane-Lopez
Vegetarian: Spanish omelet: Judge Seoane-Lopez


1. Squash lasagna: Judge Juliet McKenna
2. Chicken and wine ravioli: Judge Lynn Leibovitz
3. Matzo ball soup: Judge Maribeth Raffinan
Vegan: Mac Uncheese: Judge William Nooter


1. Guava cheese cake: Judge Seoane-Lopez
2. Chocolate heaven cake: Judge Anita Josey-Herring
3. Rum cake: Judge Judith Macaluso
Vegetarian: Vegetarian peanut butter cups: Judge Dayson

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