Chef Geoff Warns of D.C. Speed Cams

Includes warning in with meal deals

Chef Geoff sent out an email early this week to his subscribers, to remind them about half-price wine night at his restaurants.

He also wanted to pass on a little warning: watch out for D.C. speed cameras.

"All y'all that live in upper Northwest DC and drive on Foxhall Road . . . watch out for the new speed camera.  It's on a downhill so it gets you every time.  Plus it, costs an outrageous $150 per ticket!  Which equals FIVE three course dinners at Lia's during BCC Restaurant Week.  (Sheesh . . . I should get into the speeding ticket business!)."

But if those friendly words of advice were not enough, Chef Geoff even offered a link to a Google map with the camera location.   (The thing about the map link is that it doesn't exactly work, but we appreciate the neighborly gesture.)

In case you were writing off Chef Geoff as just another lead-footed restaurateur, he ends his email with the following words: "By the way . . . I'm no Mario Andretti.  I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in 21 years.  With the new camera, I got 3 in 3 days.  Ouch."

Chef Geoff told News4 he wants to hire a sign-spinner, similar to the guys who advertise for sandwich shops or mattress stores, to stand on Foxhall Road to warn motorists of the cameras.  The chef said he's finding out now whether that's legal.

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