Charles Barkley Thinks NCAA Final Four is ‘In The Annapolis’

“In the Annapolis” is apparently where former basketball star Charles Barkley thinks the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four tournament is being held.

The spoof is in a new commercial for Capital One and also features actor Samuel L. Jackson and director Spike Lee. The trio is supposed to be driving to Indianapolis, Indiana, where the tournament is actually being held when Barkley happily announces they’ve arrived.

However, a sign shows they arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, nearly 600 miles away to the east of Indianapolis.

“We’re finally here. In the Annapolis. Now, we’ve just got to find the stadium,” Barkley announces.

“Did you just say ‘In the Annapolis’?” Lee asks, incredulously.

“The Final Four. In the Annapolis,” Barkley insists.

“Indianapolis. India-napolis!” Jackson responds.

Barkley then realizes his error.

“You do know we are in the Maryland, right?” Jackson says, chiding Barkley for his lack of geography. “Indianapolis is in the Indiana.”

The Final Four is scheduled to be held April 4 – 6 at the Lucas Oil Stadium. The trio should still be able to make it in time.

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